It is SCAMA's mission to save lives and protect aircraft.

We are committed to be the world leader in the development, manufacture, installation and main-tenance of state-of-the-art aircraft arrester systems.

Scama AB

Where others are trying we succeed!


Sweden has been a pioneer in arresting aircraft since 1953. This experience is now with SCAMA.


Scandinavian Manufacturing - SCAMA was formed 1972 in Väderstad Sweden.


SCAMA has a complete line of modern arrester systems for hook and non hook equipped air-craft. Other products includes a standard range of arrester systems for various UAV's as well as a light weight rapid installation net barrier to stop run-away cars.


Our pride is to quickly provide what our cust-omers need using the best technology available.


SCAMA is represented in about forty countries world-wide.


NATO Cage Code: S9025


Members of the Swedish Security and Defence Industry.


We Arrest Fighters!

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